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Online Apprenticeship:

   Stephen offers online mentorship for those who are interested in raising their technical abilities and reach higher plateaus with their artistic talent. Lessons are weekly 1-hour sessions where students are shown lessons and work on their creative and technical skill assignments. During these sessions, students will be given work to do during the week that will bring them closer to their goals as creatives.

   There are limited slots available, as there is limited time throughout the week. If you do not get immediately accepted, you may be put on a waiting list. If you are, you will be notified. 

   To apply for mentorship, email Stephen with 3 examples of your best work as attachments.


   In the body of the email, include the size and materials for each piece. Under that, write one concise paragraph of why you would like to learn from Stephen and what you hope to accomplish.

   At the end of the email, list 3 of what you notice are things you struggle with the most when you draw and paint. In addition, please note your full availability during the week, listing the times and days you have available to dedicate to a weekly lesson as well as working on your assignments. 

   Before full acceptance, students will have a quick meeting to go over what they will be doing as students, as well as given a face-to-face opportunity to ask any questions they might have.

Online Learning Community

   Stephen offers a free community for those that love art and love learning. This is a friendly group of artists and people that simply appreciate art. All are welcome. This community, hosted by the program Discord, allows you to discuss, share, and receive group critiques from peers and also helps you stay in touch with Stephen in a more personal way.

   This Discord community can be joined by clicking this link and is accessible via your web browser or a downloadable program for your phone or computer.


"You are truly talented and a great teacher, I have learned some basics that I will always remember moving forward in my costume design future!  Thank you so much for being patient with me (lol)!"

Gina S. NJ, USA

"Stephen was real good teaching to different skill levels. I never felt out of place as a very new art student. Very clear and easy to understand. He was also very accessible. He also happened to be a nice guy."

"I approached Stephen Yavorski because I had a desire to learn basic art skills and increase my abilities with sketching and charcoal, as a personal hobby that I had a desire to be more knowledgeable in. This was a personal interest of mine that I knew minimal about, and since I knew Stephen Yavorski personally we decided to give skype lessons a try as I live in Canada. Receiving art lessons via skype was something I had never tried before, however I felt the lesson format went very well and definitely helped me improve my art skills and technique knowledge. One thing I liked was his patience, clear demonstrations, and the constant encouragement. He is a very detail oriented teacher, and a very genuine person who takes great personal interest and attention to helping fix exactly what is holding you back from doing your best work. He sets realistic goals for his students that can easily be achieved by anyone who puts the right work in, but also pushes his students to want to put the effort in. I found the experience very enjoyable, and would definitely choose to take lessons from him again. I would recommend Stephen Yavorski to people who are interested in learning from a skilled artist, with a passion for the work he does. Whether for personal or professional interests, lessons from him will surely make you more satisfied with the quality and ability level of your artwork."

Ryley E. - Alberta Canada

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